Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Know What They Say About Assuming

Okay so I am assuming...that you all have heard what "they" say about assuming.  After being in our new location for the better part of a year now, I have come to realize that people make two assumption about art.  And that is that art is too expensive or impossible to understand.  I would like to clear up these assumptions.  There is art out there to fit every budget.  If you only want to spend $20 to if you want to spend $20,000.  If you cannot find originals that fit your budget, (they are out there trust me) you can look to less costly fine art prints.  Often these pieces are signed and numbered by the artist and are ready for standard framing.  There are tons of places to find the perfect piece of art to make you smile every day.  There are galleries all over the country, art shows, and art festivals, and independent artists.  If you find something you love and still cannot afford the price tag, ask the artist or art consultant about commissioning a smaller work of the same subject, or if fine art prints are available.  Never say never when it comes to art.  Remember, "art is for everyone!"

The other assumption people make is that art is impossible to understand.  What we all have to remember is that art is as complicated as the viewer makes it.  If you like something because of the color or subject, it is as simple as that.  If you feel happy when you look at something that is that!  Are there underlying meaning in art, usually.  But that doesn't mean that is all there is.  We have talked about in other blog posts artist intent and viewer interpretation, and how intent isn't always the most important part.  If you just let go and allow yourself to enjoy something than life will be a much happier place!  Don't think, just look and feel.   Let us know how that works out by posting a comment!

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cscottdraw said...

nicely said.... people just get intimidated when they see the price tags and they move on... most dont stop to think about there options... you are getting much better at blogging since you first started.. I actually stopped reading because it was never updated so now I have to catch up =)