Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Number One Rule

Art truly is for everyone.  There are so many artists with a vast amount of styles and techniques creating millions of different subjects.  The most important thing to remember when buying art is to BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!  Buying art is a very personal decision and is usually based on an emotional connection made between the piece and the person looking at it.  Remember that when you are buying art in a gallery setting that the consultants are not there to tell you that you like a particular piece of work.  A good art consultant can help you realize what makes you like a piece of art work and can give you information about an artist, style and even some art historical background.   Find the right piece for yourself at the right time in your life.  Just because you rent a small apartment or live on a limited budget does not mean that you cannot collect art.  Many artists now have begun creating smaller original works (for limited wall space, and a lower budget.)  Most artists have their works reproduced (limited) by the giclĂ©e process making their art more affordable and available to the average collector.  If  piece of work is out of your price range ask the consultant or artist if you can negotiate a payment plan.  Art buying can be a fun and pleasurable experience if you can just remember to buy what you love.  Tell me your art buying experiences if you like, I would love to hear them!


Welcome to the LoPressionism blog!  This has been a long time coming and we are very excited to be posting.  The gallery has created this blog so we can share information that we have learned over our years of experience in this industry.  We would like to educate art collectors and artists alike.  There are a lot of topics within the subject of art, and with two art historians and an artist contributing to this blog we hope we can cover a great deal of information.  Art is a passion of ours and we hope we can further your passion for it too!  Please post and questions or comments in the comments section.