Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hate the Arts?

Recently I was looking on Yahoo! Answers and came across a person saying that they hate art and anything that has to do with art.  This person was asking for help on an art project for school.  I couldn't help but think that whoever the art teacher was mustn't be very good because there is so much art in the world I find it impossible for a person to hate all things art related.  This kid has just not been educated in what art really is.  I am sure he watches television and movies.  Was he not aware that the stories are first illustrated by story boards?  Is he not aware that his favorite video games require the designers to know a thing or 100 about drawing?  Did he not remember the illustrations in the books that helped him learn to read as a small child?  I understand not enjoying certain kinds of art.  Visual fine arts often scare people away, so do certain types of cinema.  But to rule out all art is ruling out most of the world.  How could this student's teacher not inform the class on all of the different arts out there?  This is why people are so confused about art as adults, they are not being properly educated.  In 2009, Downtown Melbourne will be having an Arts and Indulgences Walk.  The gallery and The Berri Patch Preschool will host learning stations for kids and parents in an attempt to properly educate the public about what art is and it's importance in everyday life.  For more information on the walk visit

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Different Strokes

Have you ever heard the saying, "different strokes for different folks"?  Well in the art world, this phrase fits perfectly for the wide range of artists and art lovers out there.  There are millions of painting and sculptures out there, and in all honesty, not everyone is going to like every piece...that's why there are so many out there.  So many times I see people get hung up on art that they don't like or are confused by that they forget to look at works that are pleasing to them.  It is good to get a sense of what you like and what you don't like, but what is the point of only focusing on the negative?  You wouldn't continue to eat food that makes you feel sick would you?  There are tons of art styles out there, if you love Abstract look at and acquire Abstract art.  If you love Realism look at Realism.  The most important thing to remember when looking at art is to keep an open mind.  It is okay to not like something, it doesn't mean that you don't like art, you just haven't found the right piece yet.  It is alright to be "picky" and it is fine to have specific taste.  It is also okay for someone else to like a piece that you do not.  That is what makes the realm of art so great, there is no right or wrong!  Beauty in art is in the eye of the beholder.  Please share your experiences with us!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Intimidated By Art? Why?

One thing that I have noticed in my experience as an art consultant is that people are intimidated by art.  There are many reasons that people could shy away from the wonderful world of art.  Let's start with the most obvious, value.  Ever since we are children we are taught not to touch art, and for good reason.  The oils from our hands can have damaging effects on art (just think about how hard it is to clean the residue off of your walls.)  A good gallery will show you how to properly care for and handle your art.  Because people feel that art can so easily be damaged, they are often afraid to set foot into a museum or gallery.  Please be respectful and careful when you are in any gallery or museum, but be aware that most of these places have insurance incase accidents happen.  There is no reason to be scared to enter a gallery because you might break something.  Another reason art is intimidating is the connotation that you must understand art.  You do not have to have a degree in art to appreciate the various forms of it. Art makes people think!  You should never be intimidated by the thought of thought.  And the best part about art is there is not wrong interpretation!  So now that I have convinced you that you aren't going to break anything, and you get to expand your mind, I bet you are afraid that I am going to make you purchase something you cannot afford or don't even like.  We here at LoPressionism want to make your art experience fun and memorable.  My job as a consultant is not to force you to acquire art that you hate.  It is to help you acquire art that you fall in love with.  Some galleries operate on the principal of just getting a sale.  Although this is a business, and we do like getting sales, it is unethical for a consultant to guilt or pressure a client into a purchase.  LoPressionism consultants do not work on commission meaning our customers get honesty, integrity, and best of all no pressure.  So...there you have it.  You have no reason to be intimidated by art.  I encourage all people to go out to their local museums and galleries and have fun looking at art.