Thursday, December 4, 2008

Authentication and Appraisal

After perusing the different websites out there about art and investment art I thought I would post this tid-bit of knowledge for you.  Just because a dealer or gallery boasts that a piece of work has a high appraisal value does, by no means, mean that it is actually worth that much (don't get confused by words that some unethical galleries/dealers throw around.)  An appraiser usually works under the assumption that a work of art is authentic.  Despite what you may think there are a lot of fakes and forgeries out there.  An appraiser is not an authenticator (although many appraisers are experienced and know what to look for in an authentic work by a particular artist.)  There are also only a handful of official authenticators for certain artists.  For example there are only four authenticators for Salvador Dali, one for Pablo Picasso.  If you decide to have a work of art appraised, find an experienced one that you can trust.  Having a work of art authenticated or appraised is not necessary to own it.  Buying art should be fun!

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