Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It Is That Time of Year Again!

As the holiday season quickly approaches (23 days until Christmas) we are faced with what to do for gifts in this economy. Everybody has been watching their spending this year and are continuing to do so for the holidays. Here is my word of advise for this holiday season...
Step 1: Read Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Step 2: Take a deep and cleansing breath.
Step 3: If you decide to buy gifts, support the local economy by buying at locally owned stores
Step 4: Spend time with your family and friends because without our material possessions, they are all we have.

Now, I am not saying "don't buy presents this year." Heck no! Nothing helps the economy more than putting money into it. But what I am saying is to really think about your favorite people. Meaningful gifts that are special to the gift receiver and you make for a more memorable experience. The holiday's are about showing our friends and family how much they mean to us whether it be by gift giving or sitting in the front porch drinking egg nog (it's Florida, we can do that!)

Let me tell you a little diddy about one Christmas and a really great gift. A few years ago my mother got me something that one wouldn't really think too much about. I was out shopping for my family and happened upon something I liked. Thinking that I would come back and pick it up in a few weeks I left the store. I didn't say anything about it to a soul. Later on Christmas my mother gave me a package and I had no idea what would be inside. It was exactly what I had seen in the store that day. She was so surprised about how thankful and excited I was to receive it (it wasn't anything super special.) It wasn't even that I really wanted it for material reasons, it was that I knew she saw it and thought of me, and I knew for certain that moment my mother still knows exactly who I am. So...

Remember that "Christmas doesn't come from a store" it isn't about having the most gifts under the tree, or the most expensive things. It is about loving people and being loved.

So don't give gifts because you have too, do it because you really want too.


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