Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Call THAT Art!?

"You Call THAT Art!?" is a new workshop that we are introducing to our workshop schedule.  We launched our first one over the Mother's Day weekend and it was a huge success.  This workshop is free to the public and is a great way to learn about art if a fun and relaxed setting.  We have heard people say that they "don't get" art more times that we would like.  The public is often confused by the conundrum of contemporary art.  Our gallery's goal is to show people that art is for everyone.  They can learn how to talk about art (not like those pompous people we all see on T.V.) with out fear of making a mistake or being ridiculed for their opinions.  We encourage the asking of questions, any questions.  If someone would like to know why a painting is considered art we will tell them what we have learned while mastering our degrees in art history.  Does that mean that you have to like it?  No.  But after learning why something is considered important we can begin to build an appreciation for it.  We will discuss all types of art from Cave Art to Contemporary Art.  We will learn about the origins of art.  Snooze-fest?  Unlikely!  With two people as excited about art as we are it is hard to be bored by our "lecture-tainment."  AND we do our workshop as a High Tea, serving English teas and goodies provided by local businesses like Lord Ravenswood Hall.  So, if you have ever been confused in a museum or gallery, want to learn more about art, or just want something to do on the 3rd Saturday of every month come to LoPressionism Gallery for an educational and, more importantly, fun afternoon.  Seating is limited to please RSVP in advance to reserve your seat.  (321) 722-6000 or post a comment.  Click here to be navigated to our website's Workshop Page.

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