Friday, March 13, 2009

Haunted Gallery

After years of thinking that we were crazy, we finally have the closure that we need.  I cannot count the times that I had heard footsteps in our old up-stairs gallery space when there was no one up there.  I can recall one time when Bianca and I were downstairs and kept hearing the sounds of someone moving around in the up-stairs space.  After numerous attempts at communicating with the obvious entity up there (the gallery owner who had her office up there) I decided to go check for myself, maybe there were homeless people up there hiding out from an incoming storm.  Well when I got up there, there were no people up there.  I checked every room, every nook and cranny.  We recently had a group come out to investigate the space, the Space Coast Paranormal Research Association.  What they found were some very strong EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) evidence and called the old gallery space an "intelligent haunting."  They were nice spirits and we are all happy that we got to work with them, and hope that they visit us in our new space right next door.

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